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Edgar Arcenaux
American, born 1972

This piece is part of an ongoing project interested in the humanitarianism of Martin Luther King. This piece is composed of two letters. The one on the right is a partially redacted anonymous letter sent to Dr. King in 1964, calling for him to commit suicide or face severe consequences. Later revealed to be sent by the FBI, the letter was accompanied by tapes of FBI wiretaps outlining King’s extramarital liaisons. The second letter involves a statement from Dr. King’s daughter, Dr. Bernice A. King, in which King’s Nobel Peace Prize and Bible have transitioned from symbols of a quest for social betterment to high-priced, rarified relics, tearing apart a family and a legacy in the process.

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Edgar Arcenaux
Disentanglement Equals Homogenous Abstractions, 2014
Mirror, enamel, satin, fluorescent light fixtures
45in x64in x5in

Edgar Arcenaux installed on the fourth floor.