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Yuri Pattison
Irish, born 1986

Pattison’s work involves how technology mediates our lives. This work is meant to be a computer case but where the direction of the fan has been reversed to drag dust into the case. It deals with how computers scrape data in a way that affects use. Inside the cases are diaristic things for the artist. Here this includes currency, both real and counterfeit. This offers a commentary about cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin being the best known), which both are being operated through computers to stop fraud, yet at the same time are clearly being used as currency for money laundering in the modern day. It also has a (fake) passport as an identification device.

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Yuri Pattison
dust scraper fan 3.7
Custom made perspex IU format server case, power supply unit, PC case fan, paperclip, passport (Northern Ireland), counterfeit c
5 x 65.5 x 43cm