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Darren Bader
American, born 1978

This futuristic animated episode is a statement about the absurdity of how we govern through institutions and language. It relates to an old strand of literature, where writers used farce or surrealism to lampoon organizations or bureaucracies. The portentousness of the UN official, its documented vote counts, the bizarre lottery, and the use of the internet to get suggestions on what the sculptures should be, makes fun of our modern version of democracy.  The use of Spanish references how the UN translates into every language, giving it an even greater grandiosity, despite the triviality and absurdity of the decision that they are taking. This combination makes it a serious and biting commentary on governance.

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Darren Bader
pavement piece #2, 2012
Bananas, Clam Chowder, Concete

Darren Bader
The Vagrant, 2015
13 min, 34 secs