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Cui Jie
Chinese, born 1983

Beijing-based artist Cui Jie received a degree in oil painting from the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2006. Born in Shanghai in 1983, Cui identifies as a member of China’s “Post-80’s” generation. She uses her painting practice to react to and interpret rapid urbanization in China and the resulting changes to the cityscapes in which she has lived. In her paintings, Cui combines different urban constructions—apartment buildings, sky scrapers and public monuments—in new, often otherworldly configurations that reflect her fascination with utopian and dystopian visions of the urban fabric. Her art embraces changing cityscapes and anachronism, referencing various artistic and architectural movements including Bauhaus, Chinese propaganda, Japanese Metabolism, Soviet communist architecture. In this way, Cui’s works meld past, present, and future in their sculptural, painted forms.

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Cui Jie
Western Gate #2, 2017
200 x 160 cm
Acrylic on Canvas