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Liu Wei
China, born 1972

Liu Wei is a foremost member of the generation of artists who participated in Beijing’s highly experimental, underground art sceneofthe1990s. Wei routinely makes works that are defiantly non-representational. While this work’s title likens it to a field of golden wheat, or even a Socialist Realist depiction of the countryside, its simple assemblage of foam, wood, and canvas undercuts any sense of monumentality. The jagged cut along its bottom third suggests contours of land forms, but the work as a whole remains a landscape that is neither urban nor rural, and ultimately of no particular place. With its sheer materiality and lack of reference points, the work asks the viewer to focus on pure form.

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Liu Wei
Harvest No.1, 2014
116.5 x 276 x 10.3 cm
Sponge, canvas, wood