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Tacita Dean
English (b. 1965)

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Explosions, shipwrecks, and funerals make up the melancholy etchings of The Russian Ending. This work takes as its starting point the fact that Danish filmmakers in the 1920s (a major exporter at the time) would prepare different endings for different audiences. Typically, a film distributed in America would have the requisite happy ending, while the Russian version of the same film would end in calamity.

As a way of reflecting how cultural differences manifest themselves, the 20 images in The Russian Ending are fictional endings of movies, complete with annotated, handwritten “stage directions.” By imagining these calamitous endings, and their incongruence with those of American movies, Dean reflects on how cultures continue to differ.

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"The Russian Ending" by Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean
The Russian Ending, 2001
Sinking of SS Plympton
59cm x 79.4cm