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Claire Fontaine
French collective

Claire Fontaine is the fictional artist created by two Paris-based artists. Their interests span both art history and politics. In this work they offer neon representations of the phrase “Foreigners Everywhere,” a loaded phrase that is difficult to parse as either positive or negative. Its interpretation for those at the university, for example, is a positive manifestation of the global economy—the presence of people from many nations working and studying here, leading to its intellectual atmosphere. Yet for many, “Foreigners Everywhere” is a manifestation of what they see as the downside in the global economy, namely contentious issues involving immigration.

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Claire Fontaine
Foreigners Everywhere (Chinese), 2008
Neon glass

Claire Fontaine
Foreigners Everywhere (Spanish), 2008
Neon glass

Claire Fontaine installed on the first floor.

Claire Fontaine

Work by Claire Fontaine is installed at the Booth School of Business.