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Haegue Yang
Korean, born 1971

Haegue Yang’s work has recently been recognized by two of the highest art prizes in Korea and Germany: the Republic of Korea Culture and Arts Award and the Wolfgang Hahn. Her art spans multiple disciplines, such as video, sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, installation, and performance. Recurring themes in her vast body of work include a preoccupation with quotidian, ordinary materials like Venetian blinds and light bulbs to create multisensory experiences. Dress Vehicle – Bulky Lacoste Birdy is made almost entirely of Venetian blinds, arranged in such a way as to alter, define, and interact with space. Yang’s Dress Vehicles are intended to “dress” the audience, transforming them into different identities or to create extended bodies. These works are meant to be activated by the viewers, and this one in particular was meant to be “driven” by a person from within the work (unfortunately in this context, viewers are not allowed to touch the work). As such, the sculptural object becomes an exaggerated bodily ornament, like an oversized and bulky item of clothing, and allows the viewer to take on a new costume and persona.

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Haegue Yang
Dress Vehicle – Bulky Lacoste Birdy, 2001
150.5 x 366 x 291 cm
luminum Venetian blinds, aluminum frame, powder coating, magnets, casters